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We are a family owned shop, specializing in graphic enhancements - foil stamping, embossing and die cutting - long used to enhance the appearance of the printed (or non-printed) page.  Foil stamping and embossing are time honored graphic techniques used by Ancient Egyptians and Medieval scribes to decorate documents and artifacts, a visual assurance of their authenticity and value. Our crafts carry on that tradition.  Our modern work is used to elevate packaging, corporate covers, book jackets and invitations, among other items. Our enhancements undoubtedly add beauty; they also confer authenticity and thoughtful craft, just as they have for centuries.


We work with printers, designers, artists and corporations to create distinctive graphic messaging that will stand out from the rest.  We can do the same for you.


send us an email or give us a call with your specs

  • sheet size; printers layout (1up, 2up, work & turn, etc)

  • size of image for foil and /or emboss (send pdf of the art, if you have it or a drawing)

  • foil color (metallic, pigment, specialty)

  • paper

  • quantities

  • is there any registration to printing on the sheet?

  • is there any solid ink coverage and/or coatings that we will be working on?


We have a library of samples to help you visualize how foil stamping and embossing can help elevate your project and how others have utilized these techniques on their work. Tell us what you are hoping to achieve and we will help you get there.

If you want to see how foil will work on your specific stock, you can send us sample sheets and we will create foil "draw downs" (using a die we currently have on press). This will give you and your client an idea of how your final project will come together.

We can do this with embossing as well. Just send a few samples of your specific paper and we can strike a die that we have on press. This will show you and your client if your paper will properly showcase an embossed image. 


Are you a printer?

Nope. There is not a drop of ink in our shop.

What products do you work on?

The loveliest printed  products you can imagine. Packaging - think of the cartons that adorn the cosmetic counters and beauty aisles, cartons that hold the finest alcohol spirits and even the sparkly packaging encasing your high end whitening toothpastes. We also help create invitations for weddings and corporate events.

Is there a foil color to match every PMS color?

No, but we can come close. Let us know the PMS color and we can provide samples that are the closest match.

Can small typefaces be foil stamped or embossed?

In most cases, yes. Problems can arise with very small typefaces on textured  papers. In general, the smoother the paper, the cleaner the foil stamping appears. Metallic foils tend to be cleaner than pigment foils. Small type can be embossed, but keep in mind the smaller the type, the shallower the depth. We have samples ready to show you what is (and isn't) possible.

Do you emboss leather journals or individual Bibles?

Unfortunately no, we do not.

What determines the depth of the embossing die?

Embossing depth varies depending on paper and design. In general, uncoated papers emboss more deeply than coated papers because they will stretch more, though both emboss better than ink coated papers. Ink coated papers emboss less deeply because inks tend to crack when stretched. Unless specified we will always attempt to create an embossed image to the maximum depth.

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